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Revenge Thriller Recommend

In the midst of escaping his haunted past, a landscaper is seduced by a revenge seeking killer into using corpses in a bizarre garden, not knowing he’s her final victim.


Sci-Fi Action Thriller Recommend

A 21-year-old neuroscience student uses a childhood imaginary friend to protect his family against a hitman but discovers his ally is more dangerous than the killer.


I work with screenwriters who struggle with the overwhelm of storytelling and would like to establish an empowering writing rhythm and connect with their inner creativity.

What I promise is 1-on-1 coaching in a supportive environment that will take the anxiety out of writing and as a result will release the overwhelm, eradicate insecurity, and instill a positive mindset.

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About the Writer 

Ferdinand has been part of the SA entertainment industry for over 20 years and has evolved from being a sought-after Vocalist and Actor to a respected and accomplished Producer, Director and Writer.  

In 2014 Ferdinand produced, wrote and directed the Smash Hit Stage Musical “REIK NA DIE STERRE” which was nominated for 7 Naledi Awards then continued to complete two film projects; a thriller project ‘HAATKLOP’ and a comedy project ‘UIT DIE KASKENADES’ for kykNET Silwerskerm Film Festival. Internationally he co-wrote on a Faith Based bio-drama 8DAYS, currently in circulation worldwide. 

He has also premiered his own faith-based drama feature ‘THE LOFT HOUSE’ which landed a distribution deal with Christian Art South Africa and SHOWMAX Africa.   

His action thriller feature screenplays ‘DISCORDANT’ ‘THE IMAGINED’ & ‘CORPSE GARDEN’ got critical acclaim from several international producers, screenwriting contests and table reads. Ferdinand now aims to have his latest Faith Based screenplay optioned in the near future – AM I BEAUTIFUL.   

He is excited to get his most recent comedy writing assignment ‘THE BUSINESS OF LOVE’ into development with Life In a Bulb Productions.  

Not only did Ferdinand complete feature screenplays but also wrote a one-hour thriller TV Series EMBRYO currently requested by several producers internationally and an action comedy LIARHOLICS ANONYMOUS for MiclnGrace Studios as senior writer. 

Ferdinand is always on the lookout for new tasks and challenges. He loves searching for a better product, a better team, a better life, or a better world. He believes in making a decision, taking action, to look at the result and then learn. He focuses on the positive in a situation, celebrates every achievement and loves making everything more exciting and vital. 

It is good to be alive, work can be fun, and no matter the setbacks, he’ll never lose his faith in the endless possibilities of the human experience.


The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity



Sci-Fi Action Thriller
(Available for option / purchase)

A 21-year-old neuroscience student uses a childhood imaginary friend to protect his family against a hitman but discovers his ally is more dangerous than the killer

Coverage Status – RECOMMEND

Co-Written with Deni B Sher

Gothic Suspense Thriller 

(Available for option / purchase)

A teenager has to befriend a famous composer whose unorthodox methods will unlock award-winning compositions from his twin sister, not knowing he kills his students and steals their music for his own stardom.

Coverage Status – RECOMMEND

Revenge Thriller
(Available for option / purchase)

In the midst of escaping his haunted past, a landscaper is seduced by a revenge seeking killer into using corpses in a bizarre garden, not knowing he’s her final victim.

Coverage Status – RECOMMEND

Co-Written with CJ Knapp


Sci-Fi Action Thriller
(Available for option / purchase)

In the infertile Africa in the near-future, a pregnant teenager has her eggs-cells stolen by the leader of underground in-vitro fertilization, COSTA INC. But when she discovers she has a superhuman connection with them, she becomes a Blue Ring Investigations (B.R.I.) assassin and plots her revenge against the warlord, Zain Costa, to recover her future children and save humanity.

Movie Musical 

(Available for option / purchase)

Years after a terrible series of murders, a young orphan will aspire to play professional rugby while fending off those from his family’s past that still seek revenge.

Action Drama

An apathetic PTSD victim undertakes advance driving to reignite the romance in her marriage not knowing she must race her irresponsible husband in a traumatizing debt-clearing chase.

What People Say

Ferdinand’s thriller, CORPSE GARDEN, is a true testament to the genre. It feels like a modern take on some of the great thrillers we loved in the ’90s. CORPSE GARDEN is loaded with mystery, intrigue, and suspense. As a screenwriter who specializes in the thriller genre, I strongly recommend Ferdinand’s screenplay.

Stephen Bryant

Ferdinand writes with a pace and energy that I found exhilarating, and an imagination that transported me. A great writer and a positive person to be in contact with!

Chris Brannick

Winner 2018 Global Motion Picture Awards

Ferdinand is a gifted artist in a multitude of ways. Not only is he gifted in music and on stage but also as a screenwriter. He brings sensitivity into his work and laces every word with emotion and depth of character creating characters that come alive and leap off the page. Once Hollywood discovers Ferdinand, I’m sure we’ll be seeing his work on the big screen. He is extremely unselfish in sharing his expertise with others and I gained tremendously from his insightful feedback.

Deni B. Sher


It has been an absolute pleasure to work on several projects with Ferdinand. He is extremely creative and always willing to go the extra mile even if it means working into the early hours of the morning! His non-stop positivity and passion for the creative process is an inspiration. Ferdinand has a unbelievably creative mind, always showcasing new and out of the box concepts, pushing the boundaries, giving the audience an exceptional theater experience. It has been a privilege working with him. I would, without a doubt, recommend Ferdinand for any projects and I look forward to working alongside him for many years to come.

Daniel Botoc

Producer / Director, Founder at Five Entertainment Management (Pty)Ltd

Ferdinand is a pleasure to work with! He’s imaginative, insightful, flexible, and very open to ideas as well as very good at producing them. His writing carries depth, purpose, is entertaining, and on top of that, he’s easy and fun to work with. Who could ask for more? Ferdinand would be a true asset to any creative project, and I highly recommend him.

Mary Cealia Selfridge

Optioned Screenwriter

Working with Ferdinand is a great experience. He can brainstorm on the spot and he comes up with unique and exciting different scenarios that elevate the story. He brings his own unique and different perspective while staying true to the vision and concept being developed. He embraces new ideas and supports others. He is enthusiastic and passionate about his craft. I highly recommend working with Ferdinand on any project!

CJ Knapp

Award-winning and optioned screenwriter

Ferdinand is an excellent screenwriter and I thoroughly enjoyed reading his script. His deep use of characterization kept me engaged and caring about what happened next. And his ability to move the story forward made it both a brisk and fun read. I would recommend Ferdinand to anyone looking for a writer who is professional, upbeat, and skilled!

James B. Thacker

Screenwriter at OTD Studios

Ferdinand paints a picture for you with words. His ability to immerse you into the world he’s created so well that I felt every nuance of the characters and their conflict. He created mystery and intrigue; the suspense was palpable – I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down. His talent would be an asset to any production. I wish him the best of success.

CK Love

Optioned Screenwriter / Content Creator at Owen Demers Productions

Ferdinand is an excellent producer, scriptwriter, director, and youth mentor. I have yet to come across someone as seasoned and experienced as he is when it comes to the entertainment industry. When he commits to a project he commits wholeheartedly. Mediocrity is not an option, instead, he strives for excellence!

Monique Stoffberg

Corporate Financial Advisor

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