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Learn Screenwriting the SIMPLE way in this online DIY scriptwriting course.

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This is a step-by-step approach to screenwriting. We’ll go over all the basics that you need for planning your movie script including the story idea, structure, character development, and the basic entertainment factors.

This course is PRACTICAL, time-saving, and simple to understand. You COULD learn screenwriting without going to film school. If you’re an absolute beginner to scriptwriting, you’re most welcome.

If you’re not a beginner, this is a great opportunity to revisit the fundamentals and build a core screenwriting process.

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Handbook Sneak Peek…

In this course, you’ll learn…

– Your Big Idea – How to generate & pick a concept for your story.

– How to structure and put together your story outline. We’ll look at your Character framework, Plot devices, the Dramatic Question of your story, Main Conflict, the Main Character’s Dilemma, and Theme.

– How to build a Character Profile that will fit right in with your story world.

– How to design non-stop red carpet entertainment in every scene of your outline.

– How to create the winning mindset and creative outflow with the use of short topic-related meditations for screenwriting.

This Course Includes

1x Easy to Follow Handbook

1x Kickstart Your Screenwriting Workbook

1x 30minute Concept Deep Dive on Zoom with award-winning screenwriter, Ferdinand

A Story Structure Diagram

The Basics To Get You Going – PDF

10x Sample Screenplays

Emotional Thesaurus

21 Interesting Character Flaws

Wound Themes

20 Questions for Your Rewrite

3x Downloadable Meditations for Screenwriting

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Workbook Sneak Peek…


Course Document:

1. What’s The BIG IDEA?

a. Elements of a great concept.

b. Where do you find those ideas?

BONUS: FREE 30 Minute Concept Deep Dive.

2. The Wins Of A Powerful Outline.

a. The building blocks of a strong story outline.

i. Character Frameworks.

ii. Plot Scenarios.

iii. Dramatic Question. Main Conflict.

iv. Main Character’s Dilemma.

v. Theme.

b. The Three Act Structure.

BONUS: 50% Discount to get your Outline Checked.

3. What’s In A Character Profile?

a. Enneagram basics as personality tool.

b. The 12 Archetypes. (Article)

c. Insights vs Details.

d. The 7 basic questions to your character’s profile.

BONUS: 50% Discount to have your Character Checked.

4. Make It Entertaining!

a. The 5 basic factors to put the BANG back into your scenes.

BONUS: 50% Discount to let me help you put the thrill back into your scenes.

Kickstart Your Screenwriting The Easy Way!

Meditation Bonus

Commit to a consistent writing practice.

Despite what you might have heard, to be productive you DON’T need to write for hours per day and you DON’T need to kill yourself to complete your screenplay in 30 days.

The secret to getting your screenplay written is CONSISTENCY.

You will be so much more productive long term if you build a consistent writing habit. Even if that means you’re writing consistently for 20 minutes per day a few days/week.

Let’s face it, life and work have a way of nosing in on resources like time and energy.

These meditations allow you to feel peaceful about your screenwriting and your projects. To get you into a creative, calm, and focussed mindset – This is where it all starts, IN THE MIND. Get your mind right, and everything else will fall into place.

Click the links inside the handbook to download my MEDITATIONS. I specifically designed them to help you get into the right mindset before your writing session. Whether you’re searching for your BIG IDEA, structuring your OUTLINE, or tackling your CHARACTERS… There is a meditation for each of those to help you zone in and connect to your creative self.

Set out ten minutes and make meditation part of your writing practice each time you sit down to hash it out… Your CONCEPT, your OUTLINE, and your CHARACTERS will thank you for it.

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