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Writing Assignment Questionnaire

Fill out the below questionnaire to brief Ferdinand on your movie project.
Please provide a detailed description of your movie idea in less than 30 words.
Please provide one to four words that are fresh, suit the genre, and are compatible with the concept.
What is the hook point of your story that makes it marketable?
Do you have a theme running through your story?
What is the demographic you want to target with this story?
What is the main genre that highlights your story?
In your mind, what would the estimated budget be to produce this film?
Who are your lead characters? What makes them special?
This is your protagonist's journey that will be constantly challenged.
The main conflict that will influence and affect the lead characters in a massive way?
This central question of your movie is stated early on and haunts the audience throughout. It could be a question, a concern, a worry, an obsession.
e.g. Events you wish should happen at specific turning points.
Is there a story beneath the story?
Please describe in detail any specific moments you envision being in the script?
Do you already have an idea for the opening of the script? If so, please elaborate.
Do you already have an idea for the ending of the script? If so, please elaborate.
Are there any factors or elements you absolutely DON'T want in your story? Please explain in detail.
How long should the script be? e.g. How many pages?